pear sorbet with balsamic

A true fruit sorbet, without any dairy, with fresh pears.
In this vegan pear sorbet recipe, with an incredible smooth texture, you can taste the true flavour of the pear that meets other ingredients like fresh edible flowers and balsamic vinegar.


for 700 gr of sorbet

  • water: 230 gr / 8.11 oz
  • fresh pears: 255 gr / 9.00 oz
  • lemon juice: 2 teaspoon
  • sugar: 180 gr / 6.35 oz
  • inuline fiber: 25 gr / 0.88 oz
  • guar gum: 0.6 gr / 1 ml spoon (flat)

You can prepare a new recipe following instructions in my article on how to balance ingredients, with an online calculator.

Nutrition facts

for 140gr (4 scoops) - Energy (kcal/140gr):162

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  1. Place a plastic tube or a bowl on the scale, reset and weight the water (use water at room temperature);
  2. add 2 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice;
  3. peel the fresh pears, remove the seeds from inside and cut into pieces no larger than 1 inch; add in the plastic tube;
  4. weight the sugar in a bowl then add also the inuline and the guar gum (you can't measure 0.6 gr with a kitchen scale, a precision scale is needed, but you can have the same measure using a 1 ml spoon);
  5. mix powders (sugar, inuline and guar gum) using the whisk, then add to water in the tube;
  6. mix with the immersion blender till all the sugar is completely dissolved;
  7. leave the mix in the fridge for 2-6 hours;
  8. pour into your gelato or ice cream maker, following the manufacturer's instructions; you may find interesting to read my Guide on gelato and ice cream makers;
  9. leave the sorbet in the freezer for 30-60 minutes before consuming it; if you store in freezer for a long time, leave a room temperature for 10' before serving it;
  10. add special ingredients if you want and enjoy your pear sorbet!

You can find more details on preparation steps in my article The home-made gelato preparation steps.

Tips & insights

Serving the pear sorbet

Why not adding some fresh edible flowers and a true balsamic vinegar to enrich your sorbet?
Edible flowers are a superfood that gives us valuable nutrients and also an aesthetic value to the dessert.
With pear sorbet I like wisteria flowers: the color, the sweetness, the fragrance are perfect with pear.
You can find more details in my article about edible flowers in gelato.

I also like balsamic vinegar with pear sorbet; it enriches the taste with an acid, fruity notes and woody fragrances. But you have to choose a true balsamic, with no sugar added.
One of my favourites, which I use in cooking classes, is Banda Rossa balsamic vinegar from Giuseppe Giusti, a 20 years aged balsamic from Modena.

Guar gum and other thickeners

Guar gum is a natural thickener, a polysaccharide that comes from guar beans.
Guar gum is frequently used in sorbet, because you needn't to rise the temperature of the mixture for activation of the gum; it's easy to use, but remember never to add it directly to wet ingredients: first it must be dispersed in other powdered ingredients.

It can be easily found in well-stocked food stores or you can find on ebay or on amazon.
Hydrocolloids are a rather complicated and very interesting topic, we will deepen later in a further article.


Inuline is a natural fiber, a complex carbohydrate found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
It is not absorbed in the intestine and has a positive effect on health.
I use inuline in this vegan pear sorbet recipe because it allows to lower the total quantity of sugars (thanks to its anti-freezing function) and also for the improving of nutritional values. In balancing sheet inuline goes in other solids column (remember my article on balancing a gelato recipe).
It also improves the viscosity of the mix, the texture of gelato and also overrun (the capacity to incorporate air bubbles - air is an important ingredient of gelato).
I always use inuline in sorbet and also in vegan or special recipes in which I want a lower content of sugar.

Commercial inuline powder is usually obtained from agave or chicory; here are two link to buy online: on ebay or on amazon.