egg custard gelato

A classic custard gelato recipe with a creamy body and smooth mouthfeel, enriched from the flavour of Tahiti vanilla bean.


for 680 gr of gelato

  • whole milk (3.7% in fat): 400 gr / 14.11 oz
  • cream (36% in fat): 120 gr / 4.23 oz
  • sugar: 100 gr / 3.53 oz
  • egg yolk: n°3 (60 gr / 2.12 oz)
  • vanilla bean (optional)

If you like this custard gelato recipe, you can try to create your own recipe following instructions in my article on how to balance ingredients; there you can find also an online calculator to balance the recipe.

Nutrition facts

for 136gr (4 scoops) - Energy (kcal/136gr):252

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  1. Place the tube on the scale and weight the milk; reset and add the cream;
  2. weight the sugar in the bowl and add the three egg yolk (the weight of yolks should be around 60 gr, but no worry if it isn’t);
  3. stir sugar and yolks using the whisk, then add to milk and cream in the tube; use the spatula for a better result;
  4. add vanilla seeds to your mixture (instructions at the bottom of the article);
  5. mix with the immersion blender till all the sugar is completely dissolved;
  6. pasteurize the mixture rising temperature up to 82 °C (180 °F); stir slowly the mixture using the whisk and check frequently the temperature with a kitchen thermometer; when the pasteurization temperature is reached take off from fire and low quickly the temperature placing the pot in a cold water or ice bath;
  7. let the mixture rest in the fridge for 6-8 hours;
  8. pour the mixture in your gelato or ice cream maker, following the manufacturer's instructions; if you don't have a gelato maker yet, I suggest to read my Guide on gelato and ice cream makers;
  9. leave the gelato in the freezer for 30-60 minutes before consuming it.

More details on preparation steps in my article The home-made gelato preparation steps.

Tips & insights

Using vanilla bean

The best vanilla beans come from Madagascar and Tahiti (for my custard gelato recipe I prefer the last one).
You will find that beans are quite expensive, but a batch like in this recipe you need a very small quantity.

To extract the vanilla seeds you have to cut in two a 1 inch piece of bean using a sharp knife, then with a teaspoon scrape the seeds that are inside.
It is better if you add seeds to the mixture before pasteurization; in this way rising the temperature you'll have a stronger vanilla flavour in your gelato.

Vanilla bean are available in food store (you can also find vanilla extract or similar, but I suggest you to use the true vanilla bean) and of course you can also find online: on ebay or on amazon.

vanilla bean