Gelato made with liquid nitrogen

Gelato comes from a balanced equilibrium of ingredients which after a series of mixing, heating, melting and cooling processes solidify in a creamy and frothy way, in a unique structure of its kind.
Knowing in depth the composition of natural materials as well as the bonds that can be established and mastering the great cold that liquid nitrogen can offer us, you can make gelato with every edible ingredient, and mix different tastes and flavors at will.
The faster the cooling, the better the gelato will be. And the fastest method is by using liquid nitrogen: a magical liquid at -196 ° C that passes from liquid to gas, releasing the best of itself, the cold, and then returning to where it came from, the air we breathe every moment.
Inert, it does not add flavor.
In addition, liquid nitrogen can also be useful for another purpose: by changing the proportions between the mixture to be cooled and the liquid nitrogen, and the way of cooling, other fantastic textures can be created, what I call cryomeringhe or crygranite.

But my work does not focus only on the creaming phase. I use only the best ingredients, possibly from organicl and sustainable production to make a product that is not only good for the taste, but also sustainable for the environment, for animals and for men.

Then I work on balancing the recipes in order to obtain less caloric and less fatty products or perhaps with better fats, as well as vegan and diabetic gelato.

Alchemical food

I then decided to apply the approach developed for gelato to other food: working on the individual ingredients of a dish, trying to understand their functioning at the macromolecular level as well as the interactions between the ingredients, and finally assembling them in a new and original way.

In this way, a fish broth became a thin flexible sheet wrapped around the other ingredients of an improbable fish soup (a typical soup whose name is ‘cacciucco’).
Or a cocktail was transformed, thanks to liquid nitrogen, into a granita with a unique consistency.

The search for particular ingredients, often with nutraceutical properties, that is, which have the ability to nourish but also to heal, is also a very interesting field of exploration. From this, for example, some desserts were born that use edible flowers, real superfoods.

A vast and very interesting research field, from which real alchemical foods can be born.