nitrogen show

Nitrogen show with the Alcreamist

We prepare tastings of gourmet gelato prepared with liquid nitrogen in front of the participants in personalized flavors for the event.
The final product can take on different consistencies thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen, therefore ranging from gelato to crygranite or cryomeringues.
The prepared flavors, served in single-portion cups, can accompany other dishes from the appetizer to main dish and dessert in a real tasting route.

Whether it is a private dinner, a corporate event or a wedding, we are able to create a personalized event for a few or hundreds of people.

We possibly use organic and sustainable products, in a wide range of flavors also for vegan customers.



cooking class

Cooking class

We carry out training courses at various levels, also in English, for the balancing and production of gelato.

The courses are calibrated according to the type of partecipants and can have as users both people who want to deepen the creation of gelato to be able to create their own tastes, and professionals who want to deepen certain aspects related to balancing or freezing churning step.